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Pool Services | Houston, Texas

Swimming pools are a refreshing oasis, especially when the Houston, Texas heat starts to sizzle. From water aerobics to pool parties, there's nothing quite like the way a pool brings family and friends together. When it comes to enjoying the benefits of your in-ground pool, it is important to keep it maintained and cleaned. That's where BoardWalk Pools, one of the leading pool services in the Houston area, comes in.


BoardWalk Pools is a premium pool service company that offers a wide variety of services to keep your pool looking great and functioning at its optimal level. With years of experience in the field, they have become experts at providing professional pool cleaning and maintenance services.

What pool services do we provide?

1. What pool services does Boardwalk Pools offer in Houston, Texas? - Boardwalk Pools offers a variety of pool services including pool cleaning, maintenance, repair, renovation, and construction.


2. How often should I have my pool cleaned? - It is recommended to have your pool cleaned at least once a week to ensure proper water chemistry and remove debris.


3. What is included in pool maintenance services? - Pool maintenance services typically include regular chemical checks, water balancing, equipment inspections, and cleaning of the pool and surrounding area.


4. Can Boardwalk Pools repair my pool equipment? - Yes, Boardwalk Pools offers pool equipment repair services, including pumps, filters, heaters, and more.


5. Can I trust Boardwalk Pools to handle pool renovation projects? - Yes, Boardwalk Pools has a team of experienced professionals who can help with pool renovation projects, including pool resurfacing, tiling, decking, and more.


6. What should I look for when hiring a pool service company in Houston? - Look for a reputable company with years of experience, positive reviews, and a knowledgeable team of professionals.


7. How much does it cost to hire a pool service company in Houston? - The cost of pool services in Houston varies depending on the type of service, size of the pool, and other factors. Boardwalk Pools offers competitive pricing and free estimates for all services.


8. Is Boardwalk Pools licensed and insured in Houston? - Yes, Boardwalk Pools is licensed and insured in the state of Texas, providing peace of mind for customers.

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