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What are your best tips for keeping my pool sparkling in this scorching heat? 

Best Tips for Keeping your Pool Clear!

As temperatures continue to soar in Cypress, Texas and Houston, it's important to keep your pool comfortable and maintained. Boardwalk Pools can help you achieve optimal pool temperature, ensure proper chemistry levels, maintain water levels and increase your cleaning routine.


One of the keys to optimal pool usage is maintaining the right temperature; typically between 78-82°F. If the water is too warm, our team can help with pool coolers or suggest running your pool pump at night to circulate cooler water.


Chemical maintenance is essential during higher temperatures and increased sunlight. Our team can test your water and adjust the chemicals as needed, and we recommend using stabilized chlorine or dispensers with sun shields to prevent rapid dissipation.


Water levels can quickly decrease thanks to the heat or active pool usage. Making sure your water level is halfway up your pool skimmer opening can help with optimal filtration.


Your pool is more likely to accumulate debris during the summer season, so it's important to increase your cleaning routine. Daily skimming and weekly vacuuming can help prevent buildup, and regular filter checks and cleaning will ensure they are working efficiently.


Lastly, when the pool isn't in use, a pool cover can protect your water from debris, chemical dissipation, and slow down evaporation. It's an investment that can save time and money in the long run. Contact Boardwalk Pools today to help keep your pool in top condition this summer.

Pool Maintenance


Boardwalk Pools is a professional pool maintenance company that provides services to the Houston and Cypress areas. When it comes to pool maintenance, they follow a specific set of steps to ensure that the pool is clean and safe. Here are the typical steps they take:

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